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Smarter Job Costing

Nov 12, 2021

APC Talks with Dave and Bruce Herrala, owners of Innovative Painting Systems and Stak BI on creating...

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Why & How to Annual Plan

Nov 03, 2021

Now’s the time to create your Annual Plan: 5-year, 1-year and Quarterly Goals, bold but practical, w...

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Budgeting for Benefits ft. Morgan Ray

Oct 28, 2021

Did you know that offering benefits such as health or life insurance can reduce other costs in your ...

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Setting Up A Company 401k

Sep 30, 2021

Listen to an expert explain how to offer retirement benefits to your employees, why a 401k trumps an...

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Selling Your Business: Plan Now NOT Later

Sep 08, 2021

Think you have plenty of time to prep your business to sell, think again. Listen and learn a...

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Benchmark To Guide Your Pricing

Jun 24, 2021

Are you priced for profit? How about growth? Listen as we discuss the benchmarks that will signal w...

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Can You Afford A New Estimator?

Mar 11, 2021

Emily & Andrew discuss with Andrew Amrhein of the Nolan Consulting Group about when to hire an ...

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Rewind: Lifestyles of the Prepped and Finished with Aaron Moore

Mar 03, 2021

Aaron Moore talks about the journey of building multi-million dollar painting business and then figu...

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Mission Vacation: Ep 6 Financial Tracking

Aug 13, 2020

This week Eric catches up on what permission to fail looks like, what financials they will release t...

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Money Moves for Contractors

Jun 04, 2020

This All-Star Edition of Paint Radio features Morgan Ray and Brian Nolan discussing sales commissio...

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