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November 5th, 2020
Postcard Success - Tips For A Profitable Campaign
Is success in the cards? Mounting a postcard campaign can give you a huge return on your initial investment; these simple guidelines can help bring you closer to your goal and bring in new loyal customers.
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Selling Remotely - The Tech Side
Check out this overview of tech and what all will help you get started when integrating programs into your business. While you're there, check out Contractor Tech Fest and get registered. Not only will you learn about what tech solutions are available, you'll also learn how to plug them into your business...
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We'd Love Your Input
Got Tech Stories? APC is looking for tech successes, failures with CRMs Estimating Software, Virtual Estimates, Payment systems, etc. for editorial surrounding Tech Fest! Got a story? Got some expertise? Please message us!
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Jobsite of the Week: Transforming Pensacola
This week's Jobsite of the Week goes to Richard Ingram Painting for their work transforming this home in Pensacola, FL with Romabio Limewash. Check out the transformation past the link and learn how you can enter to be considered for Jobsite of the Week!
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Mission: Vacation Ep 9 The Finale
The grand finale is here, and the question is... did Eric grow his business, put processes in place and ultimately take himself out of the hourglass? Find out in this episode. ALSO, we have a Graco Sprayer that's still up for grabs! Collect the Graco Listen & Win code in this episode for your chance to win...
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Tech Fest Tour
APC takes you for a tour of the world where we will hold Tech Fest. Check out interaction, moving around the world and a little boogie time. Want to join Tech Fest? Register now past the link...
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