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November 24th, 2020
Contractor Platform Adds 4K Contractors
A college-age employee of Sherwin-Williams was having a great time mixing paint for his 1.3 million TikTok followers ?" until he got fired for doing it on company time.
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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes
Brandon Lewis reviews 5 common mistakes painters make while marketing online. Do any of these sound familiar?
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Jobsite of the Week: Detailing Hawaii
This week's jobsite goes to The Right Painter for their work on this large project in HI. The contrasting colors required fine detail work and they delivered an exceptional job...
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Mission: Vacation Ep 3 Shifting Responsibilities
The team lays out how to do a SWOT analysis and create an organizational chart that will help hand off tasks, create responsibility-based leadership positions, and bring on new team members.
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Pro Tip: High End Sales With Interior Designers
This week's Pro Tip comes to us from Cindy Howard of The Paint Hive and Decorative & Faux Finishes. Learn how networking with interior designers can lead to more high-end sales.
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