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December 17th, 2020
Paint, Murals & Cookies
This fraud was over a year in the planning. An artist was commissioned, a mural was painted and the REAL owner didn't like what he saw...
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The KPI's Contractors Need to Know: Brian Nolan
How do you gauge the success of your painting business? By tracking KPIs. And we have five essential (and four bonus) KPIs every growing painting contractor needs to examine today.
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Trimaco Wonder Rags®
Highly absorbent streak free and lint free wipers in a consistent size. Trimaco’s shammy style Wonder Rags® are made of a unique microfiber material that is great for removing paint spills and splatters from surfaces. The streak free and lint free wipers are also ideal for polishing and cleaning all surfaces. Wonder Rags® are pre-washed for softness and absorbency, plus they are washable and reusable. Proudly made in the USA. Wonder Rags® are consistent in size - every wiper is 14”x17”. Wonder Rags® are available in a 25-pack and a 50-pack dispenser box.
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Jobsite of the Week: Exterior Work in Dec.
copy coming after I get more info about the jobsite

Why Paint? Repeat with Art Snarzyk
Art Snarzyk discusses owning a business, building something from nothing, freedom and... of course, money.
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Surface Prep | Three Coat Spray System
Consistency in prep and spray habits will give you predictable results. Follow these surface prep and spray steps from Prep2Finish's Scott Burt and Todd Pudvar for a perfect finish, every time.
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