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April 1st, 2021
Theft, Near Brawl, Confusion on Jobsite
When a homeowner hired two painters for the same job, well, you can imagine the chaos. In this case, it led to theft concerns, painter poaching, a near brawl, and one contractor taking credit for the other’s work.
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7 Ways to Make a Good Impression
Customers make opinions about a company quickly before you even shake their hand. Learn how you can make the most of those seconds leading up to your first interaction by reviewing these 7 tips to make a good impression...
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OSHA Inspections: What You Need to Know
Do you know what to do when OSHA shows up? Listen and learn as Emily and Andrew talk with Peter Lawton about Inspection Day, including actions to take in the first 10 minutes.
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Pro Tip: Break Even Formula with Andrew Amrhein
In this week's Pro Tip, Andrew Amrhein discusses the break even formula and its importance to business owners. Learn how to calculate the break even formula for your business and how to apply it to your strategy.
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Paint Polls: Early Retirement
This week we're asking contractors, if you could sell your business tomorrow for 4x your 2020 profit, would you? Answer this one question poll past the link...
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Paint Polls Results: Employee Training
Last week we asked contractors, if you could train your employees on anything, what would it be? Check out the top 4 answers past the link...
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