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April 8th, 2021
Comm Painters Taking More Res Work
A home building boom, potentially good for residential painters, is being sideswiped by an unprecedented increase in lumber prices and has encouraged many commercial contractors to offer residential services. Find out how this red hot market could impact your business...
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Can I use wood putty or joint compound to fill grain?
There are many strategies for filling grain, from the slow to the fast, from the long-lasting to the short-lived. Here’s what you should know about wood putty and joint compound for this important grain filling surface prep step. Free shipping on pint and quarter sizes of grain filler! Sponsored by AquaCoat
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Philanthropic Job of the Week: Martin Auto Museum
We hear stories every year of how painters are giving back to their communities. Check out this week's philanthropic job and let us know if you have a recent job you'd like to share, past the link...
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Tech Integrations for Efficient Businesses
We've talked a lot about tech recently, but one of the more important question is, how to integrate and automate different types of technology to decrease duplication. Join Andrew & Emily as they discuss with Annie Newton of Profit Works USA three options for clean tech integrations so your team can focus more on the customer and less on the tech.
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Pro Tip: Break Even Formula
In this week's Pro Tip, Andrew Amrhein from the Nolan Consulting Group discusses the break even formula and its importance to business owners. Learn how to calculate the break even formula for your business and how to apply it to your strategy...
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Paint Polls: Doorknobs
We've got one question for you ... do you remove the doorknobs when refinishing a door? Tell us yes or no past the link...
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Paint Polls Results: Early Retirement
Last week we asked painters, if you could sell your business next week for 4x your 2020 profit, would you? These are their answers...
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