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May 6th, 2021
Construction firm steals millions from its employees
A large contractor in the east has been accused of shortchanging its employees for over 30 years and faces four counts of felony theft.
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On-Demand Safety Training
There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job. This online, on-demand course trains with short informative videos, helpful repetition and quizzes. It provides detailed reports to owners and proof to OSHA that your company has a comprehensive, yearlong safety program. Sponsored by Lead Smart
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Time Management with Breakthrough Academy
Are you able to stay on task and maintain a highly efficient work week? If your day is centered around dealing with immediate problems or you're looking for new ways of organizing yourself, check out this episode featuring Danny Kerr of Breakthrough Academy.
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Boost Efficiency with Training & Tools - Part 2
The Imhoff Fine Residential Painting Team reviews how they're able to boost efficiency and revenue by using tech in the office and quality tools on the jobsite. Learn more about the tools they show off past the link below... Sponsored by Purdy
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Paint Polls: Training Day
This week we're asking painters, do you train all new hires? Let us know what you do past the link. Results will be published next week.
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Paint Polls Results: Jobsite Music
Last week we asked painters, do you play music on the jobsite, boombox style? These are the results...
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