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May 13th, 2021
Why can’t you find any painters?
Housing starts are high, unemployment rate is high, and job openings for painters are high. What gives?? Read on to learn the mysteries at work...
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When to use a Generator
Unable to reach a plug? Strange client? Standard Practice? Learn why and when Lyons Painting & Design breaks out the generator...
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Mission: Vacation Season 3 with Ai Painting
Season 3 of Mission Vacation features our first husband-and-wife contractor duo! Listen and learn about their struggles and solutions. You’ll see yourself in Austin & Lacie Ilsley of Ai Painting Plus. It’s the reality podcast that offers real help!
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Boost Efficiency with Training & Tools - Part 2
The Imhoff Fine Residential Painting Team reviews how they're able to boost efficiency and revenue by using tech in the office and quality tools on the jobsite. Learn more about the tools they show off past the link below... Sponsored by Purdy
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Paint Polls: Competitive Hiring
Have you had to, or have you considered, raised your entry level wages for new hires?
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Paint Polls Results: Training Day
Last week we asked painters, do you train all new hires? These are their answers...
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