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May 20th, 2021
PPP update: Fraud & Forgiveness
Nice boat! Cool bling! Widespread PPP fraud is making loan forgiveness harder to obtain for legitimate borrowers. How does it looking for you?
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On-Demand Safety Training
There’s a new way to train your crew to be safe on the job. This online, on-demand course trains with short informative videos, helpful repetition and quizzes. It provides detailed reports to owners and proof to OSHA that your company has a comprehensive, yearlong safety program. Sponsored by Lead Smart
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Setting Customer Expectations with Louis Jasso
Louis Jasso discusses the art of managing customer expectations in the world of fine cabinet finishing ?" understanding who is open to an upsell and how to avoid the trap of delivering Ferrari finishes at Honda rates. Sponsored by: A David Creation
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Pro Tip: Break Even Formula for Small Businesses
In this week's Pro Tip, Andrew Amrhein discusses the break even formula and its importance to business owners. Learn how to calculate the break even formula for your business and how to apply it to your strategy.
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Paint Polls Results: Competitive Hiring
Do you offer any kind of quality guarantee? Answer this one question poll past the link...
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Paint Poll Results: Competitive Hire
Last week we asked painters, have you raised your entry level wages to fill positions? These are their answers...
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