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May 27th, 2021
Accountant Cooks Painter's Books
A bit of a twist in this week's fraud news, as it was the painter's accountant who did the crime! Learn how he was caught past the link...
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Mission: Vacation - Meet Ai Painting
Learn about husband/wife combo Austin & Lacie Ilsley of Ai Painting and the struggles they hope to conquer in Season 3 of Mission: Vacation.
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Marketing Your Finishes to the High-End Customer
You asked. We delivered -- An APC Podcast about marketing to high-end customers. Listen as Yanni Fikaris provides all the details: Social media platforms to favor, types of jobs to promote, the photos to take, the equipment to use, and more!
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Alternate Method for applying metallic paint
Dean with Golden Paintworks give us an alternative way to apply metallic paint that can be used on broad areas like walls and ceilings without leaving stripes and lines.
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Paint Polls: Clean Wheels
Do you maintain an organized and clean company vehicle(s)? Let us know and we'll share the results next week.
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Paint Polls Results: Quality Guarantee
Last week we asked painters if they offer a quality guarantee. These are their responses...
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