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April 10, 2014 - In this Issue
Roundtable: Best Practices in Surface Prep
How do you go about getting ready, and what aspects of the surface do you examine to understand what steps need to be taken to complete the project successfully?
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Protecting Your Site and Your Sight
True prep work begins with getting the jobsite ready and protected so there are no accidents or damage to the customer’s property. Plus, don’t forget to protect the crew’s lungs, eyes and skin. Without a healthy crew, the job doesn’t get done
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Painting Happiness
In the March cover story Josh Abramson talks about how his motto helps his customers, employees, community and industry.
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ELCO Painting Gets A Custom App
Looking for a way to go mobile but can’t find a solution that fits your specific business needs? Consider following this painting contractor’s lead and go custom.
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Inventive Artistry in Faux Painting and Design Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary
With more than 15 years of faux painting experience, the owner of Faux Smith Artistic Interior Painting works with clients to create interesting accent walls, eye-catching ceiling medallions, whimsical children’s murals and more.
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Painting Contractor Shares Lessons Learned in 40 Years of Service
Always going the extra mile for customers, hiring motivated workers and treating employees fairly and with dignity are a few of the lessons learned over the course of 40 years running this Michigan painting company.
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Higher Home Values Fuel Resurgence in Remodeling
This Massachusetts newspaper is seeing renovations pick up for both do-it-yourself and professional customer projects, with painting among the most popular.
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