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April 17, 2014 - In this Issue
APC Category Pages
I thought I would take this week to introduce our new category pages on the new APC website. To find our archived editorial, readers have always had to flip through old issues either in print or online. Now APC offers organized, archived editorial on our Paint Topics tab. Just scroll your mouse over Paint Topics in the navigation bar and see a list of categories. Each category hosts two years of editorial on the topic (editorial that has appeared in the magazine and in Paint News). Below is an example and links to examples of editorial you can find each category. I’ve also included a comments link this week. If there is anything you would like to see us cover or anything we can include on our site that would be helpful to you, let us know!
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Life With Less Overspray
In recent years, tool manufacturers have made it easier for painting contractors to get our hands on more sophisticated equipment that make it possible for us to use one tool to complete many typical tasks.
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But I Meant to Get to It
Business owners are busy, and even with the best of intentions, there are always things we meant to do that we just never get around to. Failure to do some of these things can cost you a small fortune, and some can be disastrous. Here are some friendly reminders.
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The Black Rub
Mastering this much-sought-after look can bring you some diverse business
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Painting Happiness
Here’s a test: If you could choose just one word to describe your business’ values, what would it be?
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Slips, Trips and Falls
Because more than 165,000 ladder-related injuries occur every year, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to refresh your memory on important ladder safety tips. Using the right ladder for the job, using the ladder correctly, and inspecting and maintaining your ladders can help protect you and your painting crew.
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Getting to Yes
Here are the four abilities that will put you on a different playing field from your competition. These same abilities have allowed me to consistently close eight out of 10 prospects in my painting business for years now.
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Deck Stains in Extreme Conditions
Contractors often find themselves in a situation in which many years of neglect is going to require a more extensive effort on their part. The following situations might sound familiar.
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Good Prep = Good Adhesion
Last year, at topcoatreview.com, we spent a considerable amount of time testing, evaluating and assessing several latex primers. As a category, this group has grown in leaps and bounds during the unpredictable and at times confusing modern era of product reformulations.
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Paint Failures
Professional painting contractors often engage in discussions about their favorite paints and favorite paint jobs. Often those conversations turn to proper paint selection and understanding how to avoid premature failures. With this article, we look at several of the factors that influence paint failure and a few of the more common paint problems that may result.
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