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Free Business Resources

Annual Strategic Planning Tool

If you run a painting business, the most important thing this quarter is planning for next year! This free resource includes a quick video, a simple strategic planning guide AND an industry-tested strategic planning template.

What is a Profit Plan - and why do I need one?

Your Profit Plan contains the building blocks that will help you get to the Profit number you want. A good Profit Plan includes a Financial plan, a Hiring plan, and a Marketing plan. Check out this 3-Step Guide to Create your Profit Plan for the new year.

90-Day Plan Template

Focusing on your Organization's Big Rocks in 3 month or "90 Day '' can make an enormous difference in attaining your future desired state vs. getting lost in millions of projects. The smaller planning time-frame allows for more attainable goals and helps prioritize what is critically important…

Cascading Planning Process Diagram

The Cascading Planning Process (CPP)™ is a cycle of planning activities that produce guiding documents for vision achievement at all levels in an organization. Every employee has a “line of sight” to the vision. It is a systematic approach that creates organizational alignment, employee…