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Paint strippers … when do you use them?

Ray Rahni Paint Track Painting Services Briarcliff Manor, New York 

We use paint strippers when we have to completely remove existing paint layers down to the bare wood. There are times when detail sanding and feathering out edges is not an option, because you risk changing the details of the profiles. Also, when dealing with lead-based paint layers, strippers are helpful because you don’t create harmful dust. It is always a good idea to do some testing when considering the removal of multiple layers of paint. Some strippers work better than others, and it is hard to know what types of old coating products are in the multiple layers. Dumond Chemicals’ Peel Away line has strippers for different applications, and they are reasonably safe and effective. 

We prefer Peel Away 1 to remove multiple layers of paint. It works through multiple layers of oil, latex, urethane, varnish and stain. It is in the form of a paste that you apply on the surface, then it needs to be covered with special paper provided by the manufacturer. Allow 24 hours for the stripper to work its way through the multiple layers of paint. The next day, after removing the protective paper, you can scrape the paint. The remaining residue is then removed by a ScotchBrite type of material and rinsed off with water. Next, do a light finish sanding and you are ready to refinish.

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