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Granat Net for Festool Power Sander

Known for their focus on capturing dust at the source where it is created, Festool last year put out a new abrasive line called Granat Net. This is an open-net style of abrasive, like a screen, which allows for maximum dust extraction on surfaces that produce large quantities of dust. Because there is no backing paper, Granat Net is difficult to tear, and it also retains its edges well for minimal swirling during sanding. It’s available in grits from 80 to 400 for many of Festool’s round, rectangular and deltashaped power sanders.


Premium Sanding Sponges

Gator’s line of premium sanding sponges take the performance of real sandpaper and combine it with the comfort of a durable foam core. Made with high-quality aluminumoxide grain and stearate coated to resist build up, these sponges perform like a sanding block without the hassle.

Using real sandpaper allows the grain to continually expose a sharp cutting edge to the sanding surface, resulting in less work and more consistent results. A single sponge will complete the same amount of work as 10 traditional glue-on-grit sanding sponges on a painted surface. They can even be used to dull sharp corners and fine edges with precise control and without causing damage to the sponge. Available in grits ranging from coarse to extra fine, these ultra-practical sponges can be used on wood, metal, fiberglass, drywall, and painted surfaces.


3M Pro Grade Precision Sanding Sheets and Sponges

3M’s sanding sheets feature a durable no-slipgrip backing that was designed to help reduce hand fatigue. On the business side of the sheet is a highquality industrial-strength mineral grit. These “faster sanding sheets” are available in 60 to 400 grit in 3.67- by 9-inch and 9- by 11-inch sizes.

The Pro Grade Precision line also includes Edge Detailing sanding sponges, Faster Sanding Sponges and a unique Dust Channeling sponge. All sponges are designed for wet or dry use and feature durable foam to make the hand sanding experience fast and easy. These are available in a variety of grits.


Mesh Abrasive for FCI Radius 360 Air

Full Circle International, the manufacturer of the Radius 360 and Flex Edge sanding tools, now offers a mesh abrasive for the Radius 360 Air dustless sanding system. Available in 150-, 180- and 220-grit 5-packs, the mesh abrasive attaches to the perforated pad on the tool with hook and loop for full adhesion to the surface.

The mesh abrasive is designed for dust-free sanding, with fluid movement and minimal drag from vacuum suction. The unique woven design sands effectively without scratching surfaces, so you can look for good results and long abrasive life.


The SurfPrep Sanding System

The SurfPrep Sanding System has made its way into the painting and refinishing industry. The low-profile, lightweight sanders are paired with long lasting foam-backed abrasives that will contour to profiles and moldings. SurfPrep’s 3 X 4″ Electric Ray is power packed with 3 speeds (4,000, 7,000 & 9,000 RPM). It’s brushless outer-runner motor is constructed with bigger magnets, providing greater torque which saves energy compared to inner-runner motors. SurfPrep 1/2″ Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads are an excellent choice for preparing any surface that requires soft flexibility in order to ride over profiles so as not to cut or burn through lines or finishes. This pad will not load or pill.


Dust-Free Pole Sanding with Hyde

The new professional dust-free pole sander from the Hyde Group Construction Division is a lightweight, durable sander that the manufacturer says reduces cleanup time, health risks, and the potential for dust impact on furniture, electronics and more when sanding drywall.

This sander connects easily to any standard wet-dry vac to remove up to 99 percent of drywall dust as you work. It uses durable, abrasive sanding sheets that are especially effective for dust-free sanding. Where other pole sanders may flip and scuff the wall or ceiling, this one incorporates a rubberized sanding pad that grips the surface. The lightweight aluminum, stainless steel construction of the pole reduces fatigue. The pole extends from 28 to 56 inches, making it suitable for high and low areas.


Norton ProSand

Abrasives manufacturer Norton has improved on its previous line of 3X sanding products with the introduction of a ProSand line. The new product is heat-treated for durability and a sharper cut when sanding. The manufacturer says that ProSand has proven in testing to last 26 percent longer than its previous technology.

The backing on the abrasive is now heavier and more flexible, also contributing to longer lasting usage. Norton’s No-Fil design reduces the amount of residue that can stick to and load the abrasive surface during the friction of sanding. It’s available in 60 to 400 grit.


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