What is the most unusual thing you have had to paint over?

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Dan Ewing Dan Ewing Painting, Inc. Nampa, Idaho

In 2016, a homeowner hired us to paint over a really amazing mural on
the cathedral walls in her foyer. It was very unusual and kind of unfortunate because it was obvious that the mural had been commissioned (and signed) by a true artist. The mural depicted in incredible detail this little French villa. I’m not an art critic, but I think it might have been museum quality! I discussed it with the customer and even tried to discourage making it disappear, but she was insistent that the walls should be beige! That is one of those situations where you have to really make sure the customer is confident in and understands what they are asking for, because there is no undoing it once the change is made.

It was a pretty simple process, once we got past the questioning phase. We scuffed the surface and heavily primed, then applied two coats of paint, and it was gone. This was definitely the most unusual and unfortunate thing we have ever painted over. It made me think of the other end of the spectrum, which happened in 2012. We were hired to paint the inside of a muffler shop, where the walls were covered with soot and exhaust dust. Most of the time, as we did at the muffler shop, we are making ugly or unfortunate surface problems disappear, so the mural job really stands out in my memory.


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