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Cinder Block Exterior Reveals Hidden Problems

Thorough prep helped this Phoenix home achieve the rich look it deserved.

When Adix Painting Inc. was called in to help a repeat customer update the exterior of a rental home, the job seemed straightforward enough. The owner had turned an “Arizona room” back into a patio and was continuing the renovation by updating the roof. Adix Painting owner Steven Adickes went to work on the chimney before the metal roof was installed so that he could paint down to the roof edges that the roofers would later seal.

As work continued around the house toward the back patio, the first adhesion test on the cinder block exterior revealed the extent of damage with which Steve and the homeowners would be dealing. The paint came completely off, in places followed by mortar that failed after the pressure washing. A closer look showed that the original stained brick, which dated back to the late 1960s, had been twice painted — and those coats were all peeling. Surface prep began by pressure washing peeling paint at 3,500 to 4,000 psi with a rotary nozzle. For the areas that did not fail the adhesion test, Steve and the homeowners went to work by scraping the paint edges by hand and with mechanical sanders prior to repairing those substrates.

An adhesion test revealed that this job would demand high levels of surface prep.

Once the existing damaged cinder block had been patched and new grout had been added to failing areas, all surfaces were primed with a high-performance masonry bonding primer. The repaired areas were reprimed, and other sections were coated as needed with elastomeric coatings to create a uniform appearance across both the old and new block.

Peeling paint was stripped from the beam across the garage, and stained to highlight the wood beneath.

To repair failing paint on the soffits, Steve and the homeowners mechanically sanded those areas to better blend the exposed wood with the surrounding paint. Those areas were then primed and received an acrylic topcoat. To solve the peeling paint on the front beam across the garage, the homeowners stripped the paint completely and stained the beautiful wood beneath. The result was another successful project for this returning customer.

Key Products

  • DE Super-Loc masonry bonding primer
  • XIM Peel Bond primer
  • DE Evershield exterior paint