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Bliss Painting


Beautifying an Old Church with a Unique Plaster Problem

The substrate throughout the 134-year-old St. Anne’s Church had been subjected to an old process, used in the turn of the century, for pasting wallpaper linen on plaster and then painting over it. In this case, the linen had begun to delaminate from the compromised plaster veneer coat, creating worm tracks. The client was concerned about these fissures and large ridges, but replacing the linen with a similarly textured finish proved cost-prohibitive.

Throughout the church, painted linen was delaminating from compromised plaster.

Ultimately, the church called on Bliss Painting, with which the client had previously worked, to address this delamination. After assessing the substrate, the Bliss crew realized there were no PDCA standards for this type of substrate, and that the solution for re-adhering the linen to the plaster surface would take some innovation.

The border's color was matched to the frames of the artwork that would sit within.

First, the Bliss team had to cut down the paint to the linen surface to remove all of the loose, bubbled linen. Once that was accomplished, the team coated the wall with a white pigmented shellac-based primer from Sherwin-Williams. This product was able to penetrate the fissures throughout the surface where the linen was loose and re-glue it to the plaster veneer. After this was applied, the team repaired all of the open areas where linen had been removed, sanded down all surfaces, and recoated the substrate with a tinted oil-based primer and one coat of latex ProMar200.

To create a gold border that would prove aesthetic with or without artwork in place, the painters worked closely with the artist who produced the paintings.

The next task involved creating a thick, 12- by 20-foot gold border that would frame ten art pieces to be hung. The task required proper measurements of the oilbased art pieces that would fill these frames, but also had to look aesthetically pleasing on their own when the paintings were removed for maintenance. To make sure the gold border complemented the canvases, the team worked with the artist that did the oil paintings. The result was that the color selection for the gold wall matched that of the framed canvases.

As the Bliss team successfully completed unique projects throughout this church, the client added to their scope of work, and solidified a strong working relationship.

Ultimately, the team was able to remove all blemishes along the 25-foot tall walls in compliance with PDCA standards, which require the wall to be blemish free from 39 inches. OSHA standards were also upheld through daily jobsite safety meetings. The result was exactly what the client wanted— which led to an additional project. The Bliss crew painted gold leaves on 14 columns to match the gold band along the interior of the church.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017