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Artfauxistic Solutions LLC


Island Makeover: From Ordinary to Vibrantly Coastal

A reclaimed wood finish was created.

When a Cape Coral family decided to take the island at the heart of their kitchen from drab to dramatic, they called local artist Jill Giffin, owner and decorative force behind Artfauxistic.

Another angle of the reclaimed wood finish.

The homeowners wanted to add a coastal feel to their kitchen, and settled on adding a faux reclaimed wood front to their island and a glazed countertop that invoked the ocean. To create that reclaimed wood look, Giffin used Faux Effects products, including a set coat, Nuvilla plaster, glazes, a faux creme color and a clear protective coat.

The countertop, before its epoxy makeover.

For the countertop, Giffin applied a basecoat of XIM bonder with SharkGrip, followed by Elite Crete epoxy and reflector enhancer. While much of the project went seamlessly, the countertop did demand some unique troubleshooting. Shortly after Giffin poured the epoxy on the countertop, she had just begun manipulation of the colors and was about to turn the heat gun on when the power went out. Giffin knew she needed to manipulate the colors further and force the air bubbles out, without a torch, there was nothing she could do but wait and see. Ultimately, Giffin was able to pour another layer of epoxy, which turned out great.

The countertop, after epoxy.

Because this island was central to this busy family’s kitchen, finding time to work uninterrupted demanded close coordination between Giffin and her clients. Over the course of the project, the artist worked around their work and school schedules and teenage after-school meetups. While some days Giffin was able to plan setup and cleanup around these schedules, other days she had to caution the family early in the day that they would have to grill their dinner outside rather than disrupt the work in progress. The result was worth a little disruption: a coastal retreat at the center of the home.

Key Products

  • Faux Effects products
  • XIM bonder with SharkGrip
  • Elite Crete epoxy
  • Elite Crete reflector enhancer