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Baughman Wallcovering


Lining Up Prep and Paper

The bullnose wrapped Against the Grain wallcovering transitions from artisanal parquet woodwork to the bathroom's regular geometric patterns.

As part of a renovation, this client wanted to cover wrap much of their home in striking Phillip Jefferies wallcoverings — but the constant threat of construction debris and frequent architectural interruptions to the nuanced design proved challenging.

The pre-installation walk-through proved crucial on this project, as it allowed Baughman Wallcovering owner Michael Baughman an opportunity to work with the general contractor on site prep. For example, Baughman had to explain the importance of proper wall preparation to the designer and general contractor. The Venetian plaster walls and soffits had a slick coating that needed cleaning before the two coats of primer could be applied. During the preinstallation walk-through, the primer pulled off with the tape, which delayed installation by two days to allow the primer to fully cure. Simple things, like removing window coverings during the walk-through, revealed areas that had not been prepped.

The bright white hemp created an extra challenge to keep clean while installing on wall surfaces.

The actual paper application demanded additional care. Each area being covered had to be planned to compensate for bullnose wraps, architectural built-ins, moldings, brick fascia and stone countertops on and near which the paper was installed.

The room was engineered to balance the 12-inch-wide pattern and keep seams a minimum of 6 inches from outside or inside corners. Based on that engineering, the Against the Grain wood wallcovering in grey clogs colorway was scanned by a color matching system and a grey primer in a lighter colorway was created for cutting in at all end locations and planned seam drops. Tinted primer was necessary to hide any slight voids created by the bowed walls.

After the installation of Phillip Jeffries' Nomadic Zephyr hemp wallcovering in the bathroom.

Baughman used a combination of wallpaper brushes and felt rollers to apply the wallcoverings. Baughman used threeway wraps at intersecting soffits and doorways. At crown moldings, a 1-inch corner seam roller helped tuck wallcoverings into the edges before trimming. A stainless steel broad knife used with 18- millimeter steel blades proved effective in trimming the heavy materials. The 10-day project was completed with a careful wiping of the ceiling and wood trim with damp microfiber towels.

Key Products

  • Phillip Jefferies Against the Grain wallcovering
  • Phillip Jefferies Nomadic Zephyr wallcovering