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Boston Painting Services


Anderson Cottage

The exterior was prepped following EPA's lead paint renovation requirements.

The Anderson Cottage in St. Augustine, Florida, which dated back to 1870, had been gifted to Flagler College in 2006 to ensure its preservation. Yet when Boston Painting Services was called to assist with the renovation of this historic building, the team found that a lot of work needed to be done to return it to its former glory. All told, the project would take six months, with the crew size ranging from three people to as many as 10 people to be able to keep up with the general contractor’s schedule.

The finished staircase and wainscot shone after intense prep of peeling paint.

By working closely with the GC, Boston Painting owner Danny Boston was able to make adjustments to the specified products and processes, which meant the company was able to keep the project on time and within the college’s budget.

The building sat empty for years before renovations began.

The project included removal of wallpaper and painted surface preparation throughout the massive building. The mostly plaster interior walls, ceilings and crown molding reflected the fact that the building had sat empty for many years. The walls had multiple layers of wallpaper and paint throughout, including one room papered in genuine leather.

The painters freshened details from cabinets to counter top to hardware.

The team began by stripping all the walls and ceilings of their existing wallpaper, then skim coating, priming and painting two coats on each of those areas. Next, the crew tackled peeling paint on the interior doors, door and window casings, window sashes, wainscot, cabinets, mantles, and shelves. Each area was sanded, and the bare wood and any remaining paint was primed and painted. The window sashes tested positive for lead, so they were removed from the casings and set up in one room so the windows could be renovated in a controlled environment. While the Florida heat made the workers’ protective gear sweltering, the painters soon turned around sanded, primed and painted sashes that could hold hold 47 new pieces of glass.

The building’s exterior was pressure cleaned, then prepped following the EPA’s containment guidelines for lead paint renovation. The final project returned the exterior of the cottage to itswalls to their original coquina, clear of the paint that previous painters had dripped on the walls, and back original glory.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Problock and Sherwin-Williams Extreme Bond primers
  • Sherwin-Williams pre-catalyzed water-based epoxy
  • Sherwin-Williams ProMar interior paint
  • Sherwin-Williams Resilience gloss exterior paint
  • Sherwin-Williams Sher-Cryl acrylic coating
  • Minwax stain
  • Minwax fast-dry floor polyurethane