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Failing Coatings Lead to Massive Prep

This paint job not only made the house look better — but now it perform better, free from coating failures and leaks.

This spacious Phoenix residence needed some help. It was suffering from coating failures on the stem wall and parapet caps four feet down around the house and perimeter walls. Leaking around the windows and vigas (the rough-hewn roof beams) was only adding to the problems. In addition, the transition from the roof coat to stucco was failing.

Coating failures along the parapet caps and vigas were evident for four feet down from the roof.

The Brassberrys Painting team got to work repairing these failing coatings by first removing all the old patching materials. The team caulked and encapsulated the groove cracks on the parapet walls with an elastomeric butter-grade patch and then started priming. They also worked to repair the significant stucco damage before priming those areas to paint as well. After power-washing, the crew used Seal-Krete to treat all the previously unsound surfaces, then followed up with a primer. As luck would have it, it was during this process that the team discovered further failure, this time metal failing around the wood beams and vigas. After cutting out the stucco around the metal, the crew filled the area with backer rods and caulked.

As the Brassberrys team continued its prep of repaired areas around the home, new previously hidden problems continued to crop up.

Key Products

  • Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer
  • Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip Primer
  • Seal-Krete Primer
  • Dunn-Edwards Flex-Prime Masonry Primer
  • Dunn-Edwards Evershield 10 and 40 exterior paint
  • Dunn-Edwards AristoShield exterior paint
  • Pro-tech Elastomeric Coating
  • Dunn-Edwards Suprema 10 and 30 interior paints