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CertaPro Painters of South Central PA


From Bare Wood to Exterior Elegance

Fine detailing across the front of this large exterior took a week for this paint crew to complete.

The historical Victorian-style home sitting on a main street in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, was in terrible shape, with significant amounts of peeling from the original drab paint, leaving large areas of bare and rotting wood exposed. CertaPro Painters of South Central Pennsylvania were called in to restore the luster to this large home — and do so while complying with the EPA’s strict Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule for lead paint removal.

Peeling lead-based paint across every surface required extensive manual scraping and sanding.

Because of the lead-based paint, pressure washing was quickly ruled out. Instead, all surfaces had to be manually scraped and, in some areas, sanded for proper surface preparation. All paint removal was done in compliance with RRP rules. The massive home and its intricate detailing took the crew of four professionals two weeks to complete.

Fortunately, all repair work was cosmetic, so the CertaPro crew could make minor repairs as they were discovered. Ultimately, the homeowners were pleased to see the home stand out with its fresh color scheme.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Duration