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Precision Painting and Decorating


The Show Goes On, Thanks To Containment

While the Landmark Century Centre Theater in Chicago needed a renovation, it also needed to remain open during the project. Precision Painting and Decorating put in place a plan to minimize the disruption to the facility. Most work would be performed after hours while the building was closed. In addition, the team was able to draped tarps over work areas to not only contain the dust but also keep the work area out of the sight of patrons. The team also used Festool’s dustless sanding equipment to minimize dust outside of the containment area.

Keeping this theater open during its extensive renovation required a carefully planned execution of work.

Covering the 20-plus-foot height of the walls might not normally have posed a problem for these professionals, if it wasn’t for the need to work over uneven surfaces including stairs and ramps. The painting contractor ultimately hired a company to erect custom scaffolding that could provide access to the highest heights, as well as safe working conditions for the painters. The scaffolding also helped prevent equipment from extending into walkways or emergency egress areas.

To access the 20-foot walls over uneven stairs and ramps, the painters hired a company to erect custom scaffolding.

Old wall accents required extensive repair. Again, the team turned to their Festool sanding equipment to minimize dust. Additionally, the painters floated the patching then primed the patches. Spotlights were used to identify areas in need of additional patching.

The painters draped tarps to contain dust and cover the work area from the view of patrons.

Because unfortunate up-lighting accentuated the repairs, the painters utilized Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Matte Finish to reduce the light reflection while maintaining the durability of the final product.

Up-lighting accentuated repairs, so the painters used a matte finish to reduce the light reflection while maintaining the durability of the final product.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017