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Gary Lord Wall Options Inc


Warming Up a Home with Paint, and Portable Heat

It was still early winter in 2016 when Gary Lord Wall Options and Associates Inc. was brought onto this jobsite. The task—to create a lusciously rich decorative look for a new family room, dining room and wet bar—was made infinitely more challenging due to the fact that the house was still under construction.

This powder room was covered using textured Faux Effects Venetian Gem, Wunda Size foil, and a final glaze of tinted Faux Creme Clear.

Because the house was not yet fully heated, the cold and humid air led to drying issues. Lighting, too, was an issue. Gray, overcast skies so prevalent during that time of the year only made worse the fact that few of the lights were installed yet in the home. The team made the best of the situation by bringing in portable lighting to help get the best light possible.

The dining room medallion was painted with a variety of Metal Glow colors to mimic the chandelier below.

A number of decorative features had been requested by the client. To simulate the look of real limestone on the fireplace mantel, the painters used Faux Effects PlasterTex. It was then subtly glazed using Faux Creme Colors mixed into Faux Creme Clear, which, when combined, created the soft matte hue of aged limestone.

This dining room ceiling features a blend of Faux Effects Palette Deco and Faux Creme colors.

On the family room ceiling the painters used a Modello masking film to create the striking pattern, and then applied Faux Effects Metal Glow paint to achieve the metallic golden color. On the dining room medallion, the crew used a variety of Metal Glow colors to mimic the chandelier hanging below. The dining room ceiling was rounded out with used Faux Effects Palette Deco colors and Faux Crème Colors.

The dramatic wet bar walls feature Sherwin-Williams crackle paints and glazes.

For the wet bar walls, the painters applied a variety of Sherwin-Williams crackle paints and glazes. The powder bathroom features Faux Effects Venetian Gem for the texture, Wunda Size for the foil size, and tinted Faux Creme Clear for the final glaze.

For the fireplace mantel, the team used Faux Effects PlasterTex to simulate the look of real limestone.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017