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Classic Creations Painting

St. Louis

Damaged Kitchen Becomes French Countryside Retreat

A small cooktop fire on Christmas Eve damaged this kitchen, marring the microwave, backsplash, and cabinets above the stovetop and the cabinets directly across from the stove area. The homeowner took this as an opportunity to transform her dated 1980s kitchen into the warm and welcoming French countryside kitchen she had always wanted.

Classic Creations designed a faux stone focal point out of a stainless steel range hood.

Classic Creations owner Beth Warnecke was tasked with creating the expensive- looking finishes while staying within the homeowner’s budget. The team began by creating “new bones” for the room, with a focus on a range hood over the cooktop area, which had previously been filled by a microwave. An existing pantry had to be reconfigured to house a new microwave. Over the cooktop went an inexpensive wood range hood to hide a new efficient but plain stainless hood. The Classic Creations team used wood molding, pliable molding, resin appliques and Faux Effects plasters and glazes to turn the wood into a faux stone focal point.

The homeowner wanted to update this 1980s kitchen.

Several cabinet fronts were damaged during the fire, requiring that all the cabinets be refinished. New boxes and doors were constructed, crown molding was added, and a six-layer finish was applied to all the cabinets to blend the old and new and give the cabinetry a look worthy of a French chateau.

New boxes, doors and crown molding served as the basis of this French countryside effect.

A new backsplash became another focal point. It combined real stone tiles with a large burnished bronze centerpiece constructed out of Faux Effects Venetian Gem plaster. The result was finished with Set- Coat glazes and top coating to match the surrounding bronze tiles to the existing backsplash.

The kitchen furniture also got an overhaul. The painter took an 8-foot, 100- year-old walnut table that had been water damaged and neglected and transformed it into a farmhouse-style table by adding graining and planking. Aquawax tinted with Faux Crème color gave the table a cerused look. A custom glaze was mixed to match the newly purchased chairs since the original chairs were too damaged to salvage. Varnish Plus Satin was used to give the table its rich and beautiful protection.

Key Products

  • Rangehood: Faux Effects SetCoat, Venetian Gem, PlasterTex, Aquastone, FauxColor, FauxCreme Backsplash: Venetian Gem, SetCoat, FauxColor, FauxCreme
  • Cabinets: Old World Finish Paint, SetCoat, AquaCreme, Faux Color Walls: Lusterstone, O'Villa plaster, Setcoat