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Snyder Bros Painting


A Rapid Gym Renovation to Get the Community Moving Again

When asked by the city to complete the Broadview Heights Recreational Center gymnasium renovation, the Snyder Bros Painting team was determined to complete the job rapidly and get people in the community moving again. Adding a fresh, clean look to a place where families participated in activities together, people relieved stress, and young people learned the value of teamwork through athletics was especially exciting for the crew. As a result, the team set a goal of completing the entire project—prime and paint for over 18,000 square feet of walls and ceiling without marring the newly installed floor—in four days. Ultimately, it was completed in just over three.

It took 64 gallons of paint, and lots of coordination, to repaint the community gym's walls and ceilings without marring the new floor.

Meeting and then exceeding the deadline would require lots of above-andbeyond coordination among the crew members, as well as motivation and determination to stay on task and on schedule.

It took nearly a day to put shell paper on the floor before prepping could begin.

The first step of the project was to cover and protect all of the gymnasium flooring. It took 20 rolls of Trimaco’s Floor- Shell paper and an entire day of preparation to cover the surface.

Tasks were then divided among the five crew members. Two painters used the one available lift provided by the client to focus on spraying the ceilings. The project consisted of three days of overhead spraying and moving the lift about the gym. It was a massive ceiling, punctuated by tresses, wiring and lights, and set a tremendous challenge.

The remaining crew focused on prep work, including scraping loose paint, and covering the walls. Floor coverings, ladders, a lift and poles helped get the job done. All told, the project would use 64 gallons of Sherwin Williams’ Extreme Bond Primer and Pro Industrial multisurface acrylic coating.

Coordination proved key in getting the work done in a timely fashion. “When we work residential and places like this we do it so much we have a good idea of who does what, and in what order things should happen. On this project, we looked around and thought ‘wow, there’s so much to cover,’” says Brian Dressler of Snyder Bros Painting.

To best tackle the project, the team had a daily briefing to lay out their plan of attack. “What you don’t want when you have a deadline is you don’t want anyone standing around waiting for something to dry or waiting for someone to get out of the way,” Dressler says. “Ultimately, it did work out.”

However, Dressler notes that the greatest motivation in keeping the team moving was the honor of working on this very public project.

“Whenever someone hires you to do a project, especially a public or commercial property, they have a lot of options. The fact that they chose us, made us feel honored, and I think that in itself was motivating,” Dressler says. “And this is a very public place, a lot of people utilize it, and that was motivating too. We wanted to put forth the best product in the timeliest fashion.”



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017