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Color Faux


Rustic Chic Dining Room

The homeowner wanted an old, flaky look that highlighted her dining room trim work and cork ceiling.

When homeowners in Wichita, Kansas, reached out to Color- Faux Creations, it was to request a unique and interesting finish for their dining room that would mesh with the impeccable decor throughout their dream home.

The seven layers of alternating paint and plaster relied largely on troweling to achieve the chipped paint look.

The clients had already begun transforming the traditional brown paint and glaze look of this dining room by applying cork wallpaper on the ceiling. They wanted to push that style by applying something dramatic on the walls.

The client wanted to add personality to a traditional brown dining room.

Having worked with ColorFaux Creations owner and artist Niki Gehring on other projects in the past, the homeowners trusted her to create something spectacular for this room. Gehring presented a range of sample boards from styles she had created in the past to get a sense of the clients’ goals for this space. She found the homeowners gravitated toward distressed, chipped paint looks and she was able to create a sample with the look of old, flaky layers of paint that fit their vision.

The final dining room effect helped showcase the trim work surrounding the feature wall.

Gehring applied seven layers of paint and plaster in alternating layers of trowel work and brushing. The final multilayer finish pulled in colors used throughout the house and in the woodwork. The result was a small wall surface that beautifully showcased the wall finish without taking away from the surrounding trim work.

Key Products

  • Faux Effects SetCoat
  • Lusterstone
  • Metal Glow




Winner Date: 30 April 2018