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Creative Impressions by Diane


Lake Front Haven Revisited

Diane Beard added a six-layer LusterStone finish into the large master bathroom to complement the existing shimmering finish in the adjoining bedroom.

The Lakefront Haven that earned Creative Impressions a TOP JOB win in 2013 had to be revisited. The homeowner was in a terrible RV crash and lost one of her legs. To make the master wing of the homeowner’s 18,000-squarefoot home more easily accessible by wheelchair, the wing was gutted, reconfigured and extended by 5 feet into the backyard. While some of the original decorative finishes were redone, this project led to an opportunity to update many areas with new finishes.

In the laundry room, artist Diane Beard created a strié finish upon which she painted laundry fairies making mischief.

Beard began by complementing an existing accent wall finish in the master bedroom by extending the finish onto the walls of the adjoining 700-square-foot master bathroom. The six-layer finish featured deeper shades of LusterStone followed by custom-blended lighter shades of Luster- Stone, which achieved a shimmering mother of pearl effect. The finish incorporated an embedded pattern that was adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Beard added flowers around the chalkboard panel to integrate with similar flowers she had created years earlier on a kitchen panel down the hall.

In the powder room, Beard transformed primed beadboard into a four-layer wood grain finish on the ceiling and lower walls. On the upper walls, she added a three-layer plaster finish, putting movement in the vertical and then backfilling it with a shimmering plaster.

The powder room seemed to grow in height thanks to the vertical emphasis of a four-layer wood grain finish topped by a shimmering three-layer plaster finish.

However, the biggest challenge on the job wasn’t working around the pre-existing finishes; rather, it involved working with other trades. Beard faced some challenges in communicating with the general contractor. The job was delayed, and his crew had difficulty following the primer and painting specs. In addition, the area was not accessible on the start date, and once Beard was able to get on-site she had to work on an uneven ramped floor. After meeting with the contractor in person to have a professional conversation about these challenges, Beard found that they were able to better work together and the contractor was willing to meet Beard’s requests — including building a temporary pad to level the ramp area — in order to ensure the homeowner got the look and style she desired.

Key Products

  • Faux Effects LusterStone
  • Faux Effects Venetian Gem
  • Faux Effects Stain and Seal
  • Faux Effects C-500 Urethane
  • Zinsser Gardz Primer