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Dreamscape Painting


Hand Details Breathe Life Into the Trim

The trim in the great room achieved the client’s desired look through custom mixing of metallic paints and hand detailing.

Dreamscape Painting Ltd. was responsible for painting the entire exterior and interior of this new construction home, bringing the walls, ceilings and trim of virtually every room to decorative life. The painters worked closely with the designer to come up with samples that met the client’s vision for the finishes they desired, some of which included incredibly intricate levels of trim.

Even the hallways in this new construction home featured elaborate attention to the moldings.

The great room in particular required an enormous amount of care and time to create its finishes. The trim was extremely detailed and required a great deal of hand painting and custom mixing of metallic paints to achieve the look the client sought. Much of the work had to be done using several levels of scaffolding, which added to the time and complexity. It would take the team of painters a total of 2,165 hours to complete painting these finishes.

The project was labor-intensive, as it demanded hand painting of the various colors and gold metallics, often from scaffolding.

Working with a mix of materials, including plaster, resin, wood and mdf trims, also made it a challenge to find products that would work consistently across the differing substrates and provide a cohesive finish throughout.

A close-up of the hand-painted gold detailing on the fireplace.

Dreamscape owners Rene and Dustin Zupancic found careful listening and consideration of client feedback to be critical in developing samples that not only achieved their vision but also could be applied in a reasonably efficient manner.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Aura
  • Benjamin Moore Advance
  • Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-base Primer
  • Sansin ENS