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Hiding Dated Features with Cleverly Applied Paint and Plaster

Foxwood Manor was selected as the site for the 2016 Bucks County Designer House. The farmhouse, dating back to 1808, was in terrible disrepair, and featured updates made in the 1980s that were not in keeping with the original character of the home. Veneshe Venetian Plastering was selected as the designer and artisan for the living room, the main entry for this fundraising event.

From leak repairs to termite remediation, the project had several setbacks.

From a design standpoint, the painting contractor wanted to give this large space the feel of sitting room as it would have been originally used, and not as a passthrough to the rest of the home. The goal was to give it a fresh, elegantly transitional look to bridge old and new, and tone down the elements that were out of character with the original architecture.

A champagne-toned Grassello Italian plaster adds an elegant polish to the newly plastered walls.

The biggest challenge on the project was timing. While the millwork painting could be done at any point during the four to six week renovation window, Venetian plastering has to be done in a dust-free setting, after all other carpentry and construction work was completed. Shortly after the project began, termites were discovered in two of the exterior walls, and remediation and dry walling set the team back by nearly three weeks. Since this space functioned as the main entry to the property, there was a constant influx of traffic and dust up until the final weeks. Additionally, a leak was discovered in the bathroom above midway through the renovation, and the ceiling repairs required a last minute ceiling repainting. Because of the nature of the work, the crew was down to the wire to make the deadline.

The high-traffic foyer was redesigned with Venetian plastering and fresh paint to reflect its original character,

Because the original walls of the stone farmhouse would have been plastered, it was important for the plasterer to bring this element back to the space using an organic, lime-based plaster. A champagnetoned Grassello Italian plaster was applied to add an elegant polish to the walls. The wall finish harmonized with the Benjamin Moore Danville Tan paint color used for the lower walls and trim. Painting the 1980s-era entry door the same color allowed it to visually retreat.

Among the other oddly dated fixtures were recessed can lighting installed in odd places in the ceiling. This problem was solved through the installation of a lighting kit that enabled the team to center the chandelier over the seating area. The ceiling was then painted with Benjamin Moore Parish White. Fortunately, the crew was able to work on the other artwork and design elements for the room offsite while renovations on other areas of the house were in full swing, and accomplish the painting and plastering towards the end of the construction window.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017