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Gatcomb Painting & Design


Brown to Gray

A dramatic shift in color had the painters on the lookout for brown wood that needed to go gray.

The homeowner was straightforward in laying out the scope on this exterior project: “I want everything brown to be gray.” It sounded simple enough, and it would have been if this change had only referred to siding and gutters. However, the Gatcomb Painting crew soon found orangey-brown everywhere — railroad ties, flagpoles, birdhouses, planters, well pumps, a footbridge and even half a telephone pole. The painters took the request literally and went to work staining everything that was previously finished with the heavy-onthe- orange brown stain. Simply keeping track of everything that needed to be stained would prove the biggest challenge on this unusual job.

Back side of the main home (original).

Another challenge was more typical for a luxurious home on the coast of Maine: The homeowners had spent a great deal on landscaping and the Gatcomb crew had to take extra precautions to protect everything. Following the old painter’s proverb “trample a plant like you would trample a child,” the crew covered pavers and carefully protected plants, one area at a time so that no plants were left any longer than necessary under draped plastic to fry under the summer sun.

Back side of the main home (refinished).

The homeowners were summering in Maine and were present during the project, so the crew also had to make every effort to work around their daily routines, which was often challenging as the husband worked from home. Ultimately, the unusual job was completed without a callback.

A crew member sprays the shop/studio.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams WoodScapes exterior stain
  • Benjamin Moore Arborcoat exterior stain
  • Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck deck care system