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Grace Paint and Tile


A Fresh Look for the Creamery Co-op

The Old Creamery Co-op in Cummington, Massachusetts, dated to 1801, and its peeling paint came close to reflecting that age. Grace Paint and Tile was tasked with updating the distinctive building and making the paint new again.

After scraping off decades’ worth of layered paint, the Grace Paint crew provided a fresh layer of durable paint.

Surface preparation meant scraping off 100 years’ worth of other paint jobs that had been piled one on top of another, and it all had to be done in accordance with the state’s lead-based paint removal laws.

Grace Paint partnered with a local artist to touch up this bovine icon.

The crews worked in Tyvek bodysuits with full-face respirators that had lead particulate cartridges. They taped their plastic to the building and ran it 10 feet out. HEPA-certified vacuums were used on-site and a grounds person watched out for wind to ensure all paint chips remained contained.

Because it was a co-op, all input from passers-by had to be treated as comments from the client.

After prep and two coats of self-priming PPG Manor Hall Timeless, the decorative work began. Grace Paint owner Zachariah Vaughan contracted with artist Lamia Holland to repaint the co-op’s beloved “Camille,” a life-sized portrait of a cow originally hand-painted in 1982. The beloved town icon got a fresh coat of paint and a fresh look, changing her gaze slightly to watch incoming traffic.

Lead-based paint made this a prep-heavy project.

Vaughan points out that the four painters on this job not only had to mark off walkways with caution tape and signage to protect pedestrian traffic below but also had to listen carefully to the comments from everyone who was coming and going. Because the business was a co-op, owned by those people creating the foot traffic, every single person standing at the bottom of the ladder asking questions and offering advice was to be taken seriously. In the end, there were only good comments from a satisfied group of co-op owners, and there was lots of new local work.

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