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Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons



Bringing New Life to Faded Statuary

Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons was awarded the contract to restore all of the statuary at St. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church in Granger, Texas. The project consisted of the restoration of more than 20 statues and the original baptism font which had been in storage since the start of Vatican Two.

The painters used a three step process: A base coat was applied by hand for clean, crisp lines. Next, an air brush was used for shading and highlights. The final step was application of gold gilding and protective clear coat.

It had been more than 40 years since the statues had been painted last, and it was evident to anyone who looked closely at the statutes. The repair process began with prep work completed by hand. This included sanding, cleaning, patching and priming. The team used a range of product for refinishing the statuary, including Zinsser B-I-N white shellac, Zinsser Peel Stop, Sherwin-Williams OPEX Lacquer, Behr Paint and a variety of fillers and patching compounds.

Station XII after restoration

After the statues are prepped, the artisans hand painted the base coat on each figure, creating clean, crisp lines. Next, they went back over the base coat with an air brush to shade and highlight each figure in lifelike tones. Following the airbrush work came the gold gilding, highlighting, and application of a protective clear coat. All told, the project took three weeks and a grand total of 450 man hours. It was completed on time and on budget, using PDCA industry standards, OSHA work safe standards, and EPA lead safe standards.

Pieta after restoration

The client, in a letter of recommendation, commended the painters for sharing with the community the see steady progress on this project via regular Facebook updates. “Parishioners and visitors continue to be wowed by the incredible workmanship and beautiful color schemes,” added the pastor, Father Hilario Guajardo.

Each status was prepped by hand, sanded, cleaned, patched and primed. Some required use of fillers and patching compounds.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017