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Textbook Painting


Clear Communication Illuminates a Pathway to a Successful Paint Job

The Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum in Milan, Ohio, celebrates the achievements of the inventor of the incandescent light bulb through a collection of rare documents, mementos and early inventions, documents, and family mementos. The home, built in 1847, remains true to the period, but occasional updates have been necessary to the interior to provide a seamless experience for visitors.

Given the project's historical importance, the painters had to be vigilant in paint application

There were many challenges due to the age of the home, its historical significance, and ongoing visitor traffic. The Textbook team was only able to paint on select days, when the museum could be closed. Because museum staff had to remove all of the artifacts inside before the painters’ arrival, scheduling and communication were of paramount importance.

The client wanted to keep the interior rooms wallpapered so the team had to do some skim-coating on the walls and prime with an oil-based primer.

This communication included multiple in-person meetings before production began. These meetings helped to make sure the entire Board of Directors was comfortable with the project before commencing. Being the only Edison site to have family involved in its operations—with the inventor’s great-grandchildren and a great-great-great-great niece on the Board of Trustees, and a great-great-great nephew serving as president—it was important to get this buy-in.

The paint colors were chosen in collaboration with the museum and paint supplier to reflect the historical color preferences of Thomas Edison's time.

The interior rooms were wallpapered, and since the client did not want that removed the painters had to do some skim-coating on the walls and priming with an oil-based primer. Given the historical importance of this landmark, the crew had to be especially vigilant in paint application, ensuring perfect lines, zero mess and seamless integration into the home’s existing decor to provide a truly realistic experience for museum go-ers, allowing them to be transported back in time. In addition, because the original wood floors had recently been refinished, the painters had to take extra precaution to protect them from paint and scratches.

This project was done in conjunction with PPG through the manufacturer’s Caring Communities initiative. As a result, the job features PPG Paints’ Manor Hall Timeless interior paint and Top Gun sealant. The paint colors—including PPG Paints Zebra Grass, Halo, Farm Fresh and Warm Mahogany—were chosen in collaboration with the museum and PPG to intentionally reflect the historical color preferences and booming grain industry during Thomas Edison’s time.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017