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A Careful Inspection Builds a Long-Term Relationship

When Adix Painting owner Steven Adickes showed up to provide an estimate for painting the exterior of this condo at Sands East Townhouses in Scottsdale, Ariz., the homeowner was as impressed with the fact that Adickes cleaned up the area after the inspection as the assessment itself. She would later share that it was this fact, that Adickes treated her property with such care, that let her know he was the right person to trust with her project.

The care the Adix Painting team provided to this homeowner’s problem-plagued property secured future work.

The condo showed some significant signs of wear. A beam that supported the span of the carport and entry of the condo showed signs of damage from 45 years of water and sun. Because the beam had 90 percent of its integrity, the team was ultimately able to remove the rotted wood fibers, seal all exposed wood and surrounding areas with PPG Wood Permanizer, use Miracle Bond to fill in the missing wood, and apply a top coat elastomeric custom patch that was flush with the existing beam.

A beam supporting the condo entry showed surface damage from 45 years of weathering. The problem was solved by removing rotted wood fibers, sealing exposed wood, and applying an elastomeric patch.

Once this area was repaired, the team proceeded to stain each of the beams on the property. At some point, they had been painted over without a primer, causing failing paint. In addition, the stucco was cracking and failing where the beams entered the block wall. From the tops of the parapet walls and the areas of stucco all the way down to the ground was severe chalking and evidence of paint failure with cracks and lifting paint.

Pressure washing revealed that rotted support beams, failing paint and stucco, and water intrusion issues.

The project was split into phases. Because the team couldn’t predict what the surface would look like after pressure washing, the homeowner agreed to cover time and material instead of a flat project estimate. Pressure washing revealed that the wooden support beams in the front of the condo were severely rotted. In addition, the failing paint and stucco were removed with pressure washing. There was a thin metal flashing strip applied at the top of the beams before the aluminum slats were installed. The area between the beam and the metal flashing was never properly sealed, causing water intrusion.

All wood and stucco areas were scraped and brushed to remove any loose paint or substrate. Stuccoed areas were sealed with Dunn Edwards’ Super-Loc masonry bonding primer, while wood areas were sealed with PPG’s Seal Grip Permanizer Plus Wood Stabilizer. The team used a combination of Sherwin-Williams Miracle Bond Epoxy and Rock Hard to rebuild the raw wood. Extra care was taken to seal joints where wood met stucco. The beams were floated smooth with custom patches. Per the HOA, the team applied top coats of Dunn Edwards Evershield 10 Flat Cottage White DEW318, with the addition of Zinsser Okon Paint Booster to water repellant additives.

Adix Painting has returned to perform interior painting to help keep the original surfaces looking fresh and clean, and keep the value of the property at its highest. In fact, the team is scheduled to complete interior projects with the homeowner in the year ahead.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017