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Site Coordination Earns Rave Reviews

Each of the 18 units within the Bagley Apartment complex in West Los Angeles was occupied for the duration of ZPAINTERs’ time onsite. The project was to paint the entire building, which included a courtyard, as well as the underground parking structure. The stucco, rain gutters, wood trim, doors and wrought iron throughout the premises all got a coat of paint, while deteriorated storage cabinet doors were repaired.

Painting this parking garage required close coordination with multiple tenants.

But before painting began, prep work involved securing coordination from all tenants in clearing out the parking structure as needed. Two weeks prior to starting the project, the ZPAINTERS team posted a bulletin and notices on tenants’ doors with the dates the painters would be working and what would be needed from them regarding parking.

Badly rusted pipes were prepped and primed with red-oxide primer, followed by two coats of white semi-gloss.

Street-side, the team relied on a boom lift to assist in reaching some of the high parts of the project, which required obtaining city zoning permits. The boom lift was operated by an OSHA-and aerial lift-certified journeyman, and there was always one person flagging at the base. Anybody in the cage of the boom wore a harness and was connected to a lanyard with safety helmet and goggles.

The painters relied on a boom and safety practices to paint all areas of the apartment complex located near a busy street.

Priming and painting the complete underground parking structure meant coordinating the removal of vehicles, and protecting the vehicles that were not moved. To simplify the process for tenants and make the moving of the vehicles logistically convenient, the painters completed one half of the structure, moving vehicles to the completed side, and then painting the remaining portions. The garage featured many pipes that were badly rusted. Rust was sanded thoroughly, treated with Ospho Rust Converter, primed with Dunn-Edwards’ BLOC-RUST red-oxide primer, and finished with two coats of white industrial semi-gloss.

The extensive coordination proved worth the effort. There were no complaints, and no paint got on any vehicles. Better yet, the client left a 5-star review on Yelp to promote this project’s success.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017