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Injecting Personality Into a Wishbone Arch

This lovely 1890s home in the East Row Historic District of Newport, Kentucky, had been well-maintained but lacked personality. It suffered from peeling paint on old trim and a dull color set. The homeowners wanted to not only do maintenance painting, but also to inject some of their personality and color preferences into the home’s exterior.

Historic District guidelines limited the color scheme of the brick on this home, but LVX was able to detail the accents in a way that would make this home stand apart.

The Historic District guidelines forbade painting unpainted brick, so the wall colors could not be changed. But the painters did find a way to highlight the home’s accents, trim and most interesting feature, a wishbone arch surrounding the front window.

Dramatic detailing on the porch railings and other accents enlivened this historic home.

The LVX Painting team worked closely with the clients to choose a color palette that would complement the home’s existing colors, particularly in its several stained-glass windows. Company owner Randall Reese called on his artist background to create a faux aged-bronze look for cast concrete ornamentations on either side of the front window, and to accent the surrounding basket-weave arch with stain over paint. The painters used several advanced techniques to layer shades of color on the cast concrete ornamentation. The porch railing also benefited from multicolor striping and dramatic detailing.

The cast concrete ornaments bordering the window were given an aged bronze treatment.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Resilience
  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint
  • Sherwin-Williams WoodScapes