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MTS Painting


Hidden Damage Demands Extreme Prep

Asurprise was waiting for the MTS Painting crew when they first got to work on this stucco residence in Paradise Valley, Ariz. A previous exterior painting job had been improperly prepped and the result was a number of areas that would require significant extra attention from the MTS crew. Unfortunately, their estimator had missed this improper prep when quoting a price for the project during the walk-through and so the depth of damage wasn’t realized until the work had begun.

Updating the delicate gingerbread trim went beyond the project's scope, but the team thrilled the client with this donation.

The border fencing and parts of the roof around the chimney were in particularly bad shape. There was an extreme amount of peeling on the stucco and block, especially near the lawn. All of the drywall overhang revealed extreme amounts of peeling, with some portions damaged beyond simple repairs and in need of replacement with new sheetrock.

New drywall sheetrock was installed on overhangs, a three-day job. Crews also repaired the foam roof edging.

The deteriorated foam roof edging needed extra care as well.

Significant power washing around areas with peeling paint sped along prep work.

The team knew that they couldn’t maintain a good client relationship if they charged beyond the quoted price, so all work was performed without charging the customer for the extra effort. But that didn’t mean the painters would skimp on service. To the contrary, they provided the extra care this home demanded to ensure their painting job performed as promised.

Border fencing was in particularly rough shape, and needed to be repaired before being coated.

The extra preparation began with extreme power washing of the areas where paint was peeling. New drywall sheetrock was installed for the drywall overhands and all other areas where it was needed. The crew assessed the areas of concern around the foam roof edging and took care of the proper repairs to achieve a fix. A special masonry sealer was used to aid in the solution. Before texturing could be applied, an appropriate oil-based primer was applied to all drywall surfaces in order to securely block any water stains. This application alone was a back-breaking three-day job for the crew.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017