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Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co.


Keeping an 1880s Farmhouse True to Its Origins

The 1880s-era farmhouse was a foreclosure that was showing its age. Every coating needed to be restored, inside and out before it would be ready for the new homeowners. When Nick Slavik, proprietor of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co., came onsite, he was given carte blanche in selecting colors, finishes and the restoration of existing finishes and furniture.

Original woodwork was stained and varnished, and windows were restored and made operable.

Slavik drew from an extensive library of historic color resources and used his extensive knowledge of historical structures in the local area to keep the farmhouse historically accurate, while making it appealing for today’s tastes.

The painter selected the home's cheery color to reflect the color trends of its era that would also appeal to modern buyers.

“It follows my ‘gradients of three’ principle,” Slavik says. “The thinking is that three gradients of the same color (skipping in between colors on the color card) are not only always harmonious but also very traditional. Many of the homes in my area followed this principle and the warm gold on the home is very indicative of the colors used on these farmhouses.”

An antique copper finish was created on this original tin ceiling using metallic paint and a sponge-applied glaze that aged the finish.

The exterior of this home was slated to be stripped and resided until Slavik intervened. Everything was washed, scraped and sanded. After all seams were sealed, the entire home was primed and double top-coated by brush until the original material was restored to its natural beauty. In addition, window panes and glazing were restored and made to operate again.

Inside, the team worked to restore an original tin ceiling. The antique copper finish was created through a process that involved thorough prep of the old finish, including patching holes and any defects. Next, seams were sealed and the surface primed. The painters applied two coats of a colored base paint, followed by a metallic copper finish from Sherwin-Williams.

The final step was to use a sea sponge to hand glaze a deep brown/amber glaze that would “age” the finish. Slavik and his apprentices worked on and off for two months to complete this project within the original estimate and on time— using many of the original materials.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017