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Exceeding the Stringent Requirements of A Living Museum

The Heritage Village Museum in Cincinnati is a unique living history museum, allowing visitors to experience life in Southwestern Ohio as it would have been during the 19th century. The historic, museum-like complex features homes, out-buildings and equipment that had been moved to the museum grounds from other locations in the region to aid the museum in telling its story.

Updating the delicate gingerbread trim went beyond the project's scope, but the team thrilled the client with this donation.

While the museum’s goal is to believably bring visitors into the past, there’s no room in this vision for showing extensive wear and tear of decades gone by. It’s for this reason that LVX Painting was brought in to paint the exterior of the charming Elk Lick House, a typical midcentury farmhouse.

The museum was covered with alligatored paint, which was incorporated in the new paint job to hint at the age of the structure.

Working with the meticulous demands of a museum set this project apart for the LVX team. The first evidence of bureaucracy came in the yearlong wait between submitting a project proposal and the eventual start date. Because the project was funded by a grant, LVX was asked to fulfill requirements beyond what would normally be expected, leading to added paperwork. Keeping the museum directors happy also meant working around scheduled tours for schoolchildren and other visitors. At times, this meant closing off sections of the jobsite to keep the paint untouched and the visitors safe.

This mid-century farmhouse remained open to visitors, adding scheduling challenges to the museum transformation.s.

The project itself proved to be relatively simple to complete, once work was allowed to get underway. The dated structure needed quite a bit of prep, with alligatoring paint abounding. But in discussions about how much paint to take off, the team forwarded a suggestion to the client about leaving the crackling paint somewhat in place.

“Old alligatored paint is usually pretty solid, it’s just that the cracks are there,” says Randall Reese, owner of LVX Painting. “Rather than considering that to be unsightly, as maybe a homeowner would, I pointed out that it made the house feel older and historic and we went with that, as a reason to have this old paint on here—and it works.”

Around the exterior entranceway, the team also made a decision to took extra time to paint each of the details in the trim with contrasting colors to accent the original gingerbread trim. It was above and beyond the required scope of work, but a win for the client.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017