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Rejuvenating a Weathered Exterior

The cedar shakes on this Wisconsin home had been neglected for too many years. The house sat on the top of the bluffs, where it suffered from extreme exposure to sun and wind. As a result, the shakes had become so weathered that they had turned gray. All the white exterior trim had faded as well.

This house atop the bluffs had begun to blacken due to weathering.

Rohde Painting Inc. was brought onto the job to get rid of the dried wood fibers and overall blackish appearance by putting a fresh layer of stain on all of the shakes and a fresh coat of white on all the trim and doors.

After stripping the shakes down to wood, the team applied a fresh stain, complemented by white trim and doors.

The Rohde Painting team typically doesn’t get into much stripping of exterior coatings, other than for decks, so having to go through the time to take off the previous flaking and deteriorating coating amounted to a significant amount of labor time. All told, prepping and covering 5,000 square feet of surface would take about 400 hours of labor and, with some weather delays, roughly one month to compete.

Because the homeowner wanted a semi-transparent stain that highlighted the look of the natural wood, the painters cautioned that the product wasn’t meant to last more than 5 to 8 years—securing a job down the road.

Surface prep included an aggressive pressure washing, essentially powering wash all the shakes down to bare wood. Because the previous coating barely remained, the task wasn’t complicated, just time consuming. The crew then washed the remaining parts of the house to prepare it for fresh coats of paint.

Because the customer wanted to stay with a semi-transparent stain to keep the natural wood look, the painters knew we were putting on a product that wasn’t meant to last more than 5 to 8 years. They advised the homeowner to call them within the next 4 to 6 years to put another couple coats on the outside to protect the house from future fading.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017