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After-hours Creativity at a Corporate Center

The International Corporate Center, an office complex in Rye, New York, was in need of some brighter details. The general manager and designer wanted the hallways and other large, open areas to have more light and brighter color. The team brought Paint Power on to realize this vision, with one caveat: The project had to be completed while the offices remained open.

By dividing this large project up into smaller sections, teams of painters could make quicker work of after-hours painting.

Due to the sounds of sanding machines and vacuum cleaners as well as the hazards posed by plaster dust, scaffolding, ladders and other factors, the client requested the work be done after office hours.

The goal was to use bold colors to brighten this large office complex.

The office complex was made up of six main areas connected by corridors and a roundabout. Each area was further divided into four work zones that the painters covered for intervals of one month each. Three teams of four painters and a foreman tackled each zone. All told, the project took seven months of creative work.

The on-staff artist fills in a drafted paint drip design.

Among the colorful solutions was a purposeful paint drip in one of the building’s main areas. An on-staff artist worked closely with the designer on the project to draw the lines edging the colorful paint splash, and then they used very thin brushes to paint inside the drip.

While the project posed a challenge every day when it came to doing the job without bothering the hundreds of people working in that international center, it was possible to solve with the dedication of each of the painters on the project and the foremen who led the process.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams ProBlock Primer
  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Acrylic
  • Latex Flat Paint
  • Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane
  • Trim Enamel Semigloss