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Paint Track Painting Services


Exterior Cedar Shingle Restoration

With the right waterborne stain, this shingle siding finally shone the way the architect had intended.

This beautiful cedar shingle house in White Plains, N.Y., was only eight years old and yet had already been stained twice before Paint Track Professional Painting Services came to the rescue. The original oil-based stain that had been specified by the architect had not held up well. Six years after that first stain had been applied, the house was restained by another painting contractor with a different oil stain. Unfortunately, the second stain formed an opaque film over the surface. The house quickly became an eyesore.

The painting crew restored the Therma-Tru front door to a beautiful gloss that matched the updated siding.

Paint Track’s crews first had to remove both coats of stain and restore the shingles to their original appearance, before selecting a product that could reveal the true beauty of this home. The painters ultimately decided to use Benjamin Moore Remove (315), followed by Benjamin Moore Brighten (317) to completely remove the existing coatings. After some research and visiting past exterior cedar restoration projects the crews had done, they decided to use an alternative waterborne stain, which evidence had shown had good UV resistance and color retention. As they worked, the crews had to be extra careful not to spray the stain remover on the house trim and surrounding areas. Finally, the shingle house received the care it needed to shine.

Before Paint Track arrived on-site, the home’s oil-stained shingles featured an opaque film.
A combination of powerful stain removal products helped return the shingles to bare wood.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Remove (315)
  • Benjamin Moore Brighten (317)
  • Benjamin Moore Waterborne Stain
  • Defy Wood Stain
  • Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint