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Pete Gray Painting


Post-Victorian Goes From Drab to Dramatic

This post-Victorian New Jersey home had seen some dramatic renovations over the years. Pink aluminum siding had been covered a dull beige and off-white. The last paint job had been done quickly and poorly. The new owners, Dr. Joseph and Michelle Daniels, decided the home deserved a renovation that would highlight its beautiful features.

All told, Painting by Pete Gray put a splash of red on sashes for 40 windows, with varying configurations.

After replacing the roof, they asked Painting by Pete Gray to complete exterior and interior prep and painting to complement the home’s new style. The homeowners carefully picked the colors they liked but gave Pete Gray the task of placing those colors.

Having not seen proper prep in a while, the substrate benefited from the crew's tight sanding and thorough prep.

The multipaned window sashes proved challenging to paint. The house had 40 or so 17/1 panes, three 20/1 panes, and 10 or more windows of different configurations. Each of the sashes was boldly painted in two coats of red.

Updating a poorly done paint job gave the homeowners a chance to add some style.

Another challenge was the substrate condition. It had not been prepped correctlyin a long time, if ever. Painting by Pete Gray solved that problem by using a new sanding system from Festool. The siding and trim boards were sanded tight and the resulting dust was recovered by the vacuum system. The house also had difficult-to-access roof areas, with lots of angles. Hooks and chicken ladders and safety harnesses were all used to keep painters safe in the high work.

Difficult-to-access roof areas required the careful use of safety harnesses.

The project was very challenging to complete, with many hours spent on the prep details, but the results were very rewarding. The Daniels love how great their house looks, and the feedback from their neighbors and friends has been very positive.

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