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Scott Barthelmass Painting


Pine Valley Residence Addition

The owner of this luxurious home in a prominent community in the St. Louis metropolitan area had a very exact vision of what he wanted from his home renovation — and it had to complement the existing home’s unique design. The project ultimately took three months of extremely close coordination with all the other parties who were working on-site, and required close adherence to a schedule that was frequently run off course.

Interior of greenhouse showing the balcony, ornate staircase, painted stucco and stained doors.

Dealing with the multiple trades who were working on-site was challenging enough, but the painters also found themselves working around the homeowner’s schedule, including making the house presentable for several large social events during the period that included the construction time frame.

Interior work had to be performed around the homeowner’s busy schedule.

The schedule ran amok as materials used by other contractors were delayed, as well as due to delays presented by the weather. As a result, the Scott Barthelmass Painting crew needed to work with the general contractor and other subcontractors to coordinate work at the site, so that the project continued to progress efficiently and in a timely manner.

View of work done to paint the stucco, and to stain and paint the wood on the exterior of the home and greenhouse.

Lifts, scaffolding and ladders had to be used to access areas of the project, which was tough due to the limited access afforded by the home’s surrounding wooded areas.

The paint crews also had to work closely with the designers employed by the homeowner. To achieve the precise finishes, the painters reached out to technical representatives from several manufacturers who worked to choose products that would meet the homeowner’s expectations.

  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint
  • Sherwin-Williams Duration
  • Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial DTM Alkyd Enamel
  • Zinsser primer
  • PPG Pitt-Tech DTM Industrial Enamel
  • Old Masters stains
  • Benjamin Moore Regal paint