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From Outdated Steakhouse to Modern Pub

The owners of this Carmel, Indiana, restaurant came to Shines Studios with a concept for a high-end burger and brew pub that would possibly expand into more locations in the future. They wanted help with their branding and color scheme, and suggestions for sound dampening in the private dining room.

The copper wax finish beneath the bar doesn't just look good, but is durable to resist bumps and scratches.

The painters would have only a short period of time to refinish and paint the large amount of existing wood paneling and produce a new concept for the existing bar area and overlay the current bar top with a highly durable finish.

The owners of this high-end burger joint wanted a classy design that could be scaled up to new locations.

The Shines team used a fabric plaster from JaDecor to provide acoustic qualities for the private dining area, and to give the room a punch of much-needed bling. The JaDecor product was selected for its use of natural materials and the fact that it’s easily repairable. The team created a custom color mix for the wallcovering for a striking end result.

The wood paneling was refinished throughout with a warm chocolate brown in an easily cleanable formula.

All the wood paneling in the main restaurant, bar and private dining area was finished in a durable and easily cleaned water-borne lacquer system. They chose a specially formulated dark chocolate color that proved to “read” much warmer than traditional black. The bar top was overlaid with a stone base and then colored with metallic plaster and paints. It was sealed with a two-part vertical epoxy, as it had a wood lip around the outside and traditional selfleveling epoxy would not work in this situation. There was no need to seal the bar top, as the selected product is highly scratch- and heat-resistant and does not yellow. The area underneath the bar and around the stage was given a copper wax finish for ultimate durability from bumps and scratches. The vestibule was 90 percent wood paneling, so it too was updated with a new stain finish and seal. Despite the time restraints and branding challenges, Shines Studios was able to create a striking space that met every goal for these restaurateurs.

Key Products

  • JaDecor natural cotton wallcovering
  • M.L. Campbell Agualente waterborne lacquer system
  • Faux by Kathy Bella Cera Structured Wax
  • Faux Effects LusterStone
  • Faux Effects Stain & Seal
  • Faux Effects SetCoat Metallics
  • StoneDecor
  • Modern Masters Metallic Paints
  • DesignCrete epoxy