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Snyder Bros Vet Hospital


Pet Vet & Spa Sets High Expectations

This striking 13,000-square-foot pet hospital and resort spa was fully functional and quite busy when the Snyder Bros. Painting crew came on-site. Upon meeting with the client, it became clear there would be high expectations for this big repaint project. Awards for design and decor were proudly displayed throughout the facility. The client’s chief concern was achieving a quality job with minimal disruptions to the ongoing business operations. Efficiency and timeliness would be key.

Selecting the bold color scheme was simple; applying it while surrounded by noisily complaining pets was slightly more challenging.

Of course, that would be easier said than done. Every area of the facility was being used for pet housing, grooming, medical care and training, with offices and waiting rooms to boot. As a result, crew members needed to use products that would be safe for both pets and staff — and adapt to working in an area where between 20 and 30 animals could be barking in unison around them.

The use of durable, zero-VOC finishes was important for the vulnerable pet population housed here.

Ultimately the team selected to work with Sherwin Williams’ Pro Industrial pre-catalyzed water-based epoxy due to its washability and hard, impact-resistant finish, coupled with ProMar 200 zero- VOC paint for the health of the pets seeking medical care. Along with the surface preparation and painting work, the team added Marlite FRP wall panels to hightraffic areas for added durability.

Design and decor were important to this pet hospital's owner.

Key Products

  • Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial pre-catalyzed water-based epoxy
  • Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 zero-VOC interior paint
  • Marlite FRP