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Protecting Passers-by from Theater Renovation

The Sebastiani Theater in Sonoma, Calif., was built in 1933 in the center of the town square. It was the location, rather than the age of the historic structure, that proved to be the most challenging aspect of this exterior paint job.

It's site at the center of town required permission to work early on restoring this historic theater.

Dewmak Painting and Decorative Finishes had to get permission from the city to start work early, before crowds began to show up. Being in the heart of wine country, Sonoma receives thousands of visitors during the summer season, and this influx of people posed problems in maintaining public safety while the job progressed.

With careful attention to overspray and the help of some powerful tools, this team applied two coats of paint to give an old theater new luster.

The painting crew had to ensure proper pedestrian safety procedures were implemented each day. This included setting up pedestrian barriers and cordoning off walking areas for public egress to ensure safety for the crew and passers-by below. Unfortunately, many of those pedestrians had considerably less respect for their own safety.

Safety was a paramount concern on this project: both for the painters working at heights and for passersby below.

Restoring the marquis also presented unique challenges. Working behind and around neon lighting fixtures was difficult to say the least. The crew had to hand scrape and sand all the old paint from behind the neon lettering without breaking any tubes. Zinsser primer was used on all bare metal surfaces and then the new paint was applied. Seven different colors including a metallic gold were used to detail out the sign. Even though they were not signage painters, they knew how to cut straight lines, so they took their time and used the skill set they had and it came out looking new again.

The painters also demonstrated great care in meticulously performing work on this historic structure. Maneuvering a 60- foot boom lift around the marquee, street signs, awnings and other vehicles took care and precision. Careful attention also was paid to eliminating overspray and paint splatter. The crew used the new Graco Power Paint Roller system to apply material to the front and sides of the building, which the team found cut down dramatically on overspray.

The team applied Zinsser 1-2-3 and Mold Kill primer in shaded areas, with shellac and alkyd primer going onto the metal surfaces. Two coats of Kelly-Moore 1245 AcryShield exterior low sheen paint was then applied to all surfaces to give the theater its much-needed new luster.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017