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Making a Splash at the Aquarium

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Fla., wanted to brand its new parking garage with a large wave that clearly marked it as part of the aquarium.

Hot days and high lifts weren't the only challenges in branding this aquarium parking garage.

The architect provided a scaled drawing of the enormous wave that he wanted painted on the sides of the 200-plus-foot long building, but no direction as to how to achieve this challenging shape. It was a huge project, and it would have been nearly impossible to just eyeball the curves, so Splat Paint’s Jindra Krulichova, Paula Bowen, Timothy Innamorato, Jair Medina and Jeff Monsein came up with the idea of using lengths of flexible PVC pipes connected end to end to help template the curves and to meet this challenge.

Where possible, a worker hung out the garage window to assist in creating the wave template.

Two people worked on the lift truck and, where possible, a third person hung out a window to hold the PVC pipe. Another team member directed the work from the ground. The artists bent the pipe along the bottom and top of the wave, then chalked along the pipe, and painted the wave.

Creating the wave shape was the toughest part of the new paint job on this 200-foot long building.

The weather throughout the two-week project was windy and hot, and working at heights took its toll on the team. Meanwhile, work continued on-site around the crew, from the general contractor and plumbers installing irrigation and plants all around. Moving the lift became a challenge, demanding the artists keep moving sheets of plywood in front of the truck’s tires so it wouldn't get stuck in the dirt. The final result was worth it, however, when the artists were able to step back and see the splash they’d left on this new addition to the island.

Flexible PVC pipe, and patience, helped create the undulating wave shape.

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